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Walk-Through Checklist Items (Punch List)

     ✓ Does the ground around the foundation slope away from the house?
     ✓ Make sure the water does not pond in swales. To check, water the areas with a hose, if possible.
     ✓ Are there signs of erosion?
     ✓ Is the shrubbery placed at least 2-3 feet from the foundation?
     ✓ If the house has a basement, are the basement window wells clean and graveled?

Roof and Gutters
     ✓ Are the shingles flat and tight?
     ✓ Is the flashing securely in place?
     ✓ Do the gutters, downspouts and splash blocks direct water away from the house?

Exterior Appearance
     ✓ Are the windows and doors sealed and protected by weather-stripping?
     ✓ Are the trim and fittings tight? Are there any cracks?
     ✓ Does the paint cover the surface and trim smoothly?
     ✓ Has landscaping been installed according to the terms of your contract?

Doors and Windows
     ✓ Are all doors and windows sealed?
     ✓ Do they open and close easily?
     ✓ Is the glass properly in place? Is any loose or cracked?
     ✓ Are window screens installed and undamaged?


     ✓ Is the painting satisfactory in all rooms, closets and stairways?
     ✓ Did the painters miss any spots?
     ✓ Are the trim and molding in place?

     ✓ Is the carpet tight? Do the seams match?
     ✓ Are there any ridges or seam gaps in vinyl tile or linoleum?
     ✓ Are ceramic tiles sealed and undamaged?
     ✓ Are wooden floors properly finished?

Appliances, Fixtures, Surfaces, Etc
     ✓ Do all of the appliances operate properly?
     ✓ Are all of the appliances the model and color you ordered?
     ✓ Check all faucets and plumbing fixtures, including toilets and showers, to make sure they operate properly.
     ✓ Check all electrical fixtures and outlets. Bring a hair dryer to test the outlets.
     ✓ Do the heating, cooling and water heating units operate properly? Test them to make sure.
     ✓ If the home has a fireplace, do the draft and damper work?
     ✓ Are there any nicks, scratches, cracks or burns on any surfaces, including cabinets and countertops?
     ✓ Test the doorbell. Also test the intercom system, garage door opener and any other optional items.

Basement and Attic
     ✓ Are there indications of dampness or leaks?
     ✓ Is there significant cracking in the floors or foundation walls?
     ✓ Are there any obvious defects in exposed components, such as floor joists, I-beams, support columns, insulation, heating ducts, plumbing, electrical, etc.?

Certificate of Occupancy
     ✓ Has your local municipality signed off on your house?

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